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201 E Chestnut 24D_016  201Chestnut24D_006  201Chestnut24D_015

Penthouse Duplex Up Steps from Water Tower

6 E Monroe #1603_001   6 E Monroe #1603_006   6 E Monroe #1603_027

2-Story Penthouse in Heart of The Loop

6157sheridan_015  6157sheridan_008  6157sheridan_006

Edgewater’s El Lago

235 W Van Buren_004     235 W Van Buren_021    235 W Van Buren_028

Financial District Penthouse

1720 S Michigan_004  1720 S Michigan_011  1720 S Michigan_018

South Loop 1 Bedroom w Sunset Views

1455 W Rosemont_003   1455 W Rosemont_006   1455 W Rosemont_004

East Edgewater Vintage  Condo

1473 W Catalpa_4Units_003    1473 W Catalpa_4Units_031   1473 W Catalpa_4Units_019

Andersonville Brick 4-Unit

253 E Delaware 13H_003   253 E Delaware 13H_009   253 E Delaware 13H_007

Streeterville Junior 1-Bedroom on East Delaware

1620wallen2S_001   1620wallen2S_011   1620wallen2S_006

Fully Rehabbed 2 Bedroom

4250marine_003  4250marine_019  4250marine_020

Buena Park Luxury Condo

001-176017-655irvingpark_ext_3470826  021-176017-655Irvingpark_019_3470764  024-176017-655irvingpark_pool_3474836

Lake View Condo – Harbor View

001-173438-440wabash2201_001_3375507  003-173438-440wabash2201_003_3375509  013-173438-440wabash2201_013_3375536

River North Condo

001-173439-125jefferson_001_3375513  006-173439-125jefferson_006_3375526  019-173439-125jefferson_019_3375555

West Loop 1 Bed + Den

002-171788-550surf108_002_3325186   012-171788-550surf108_012_3325264  007-171788-550surf108_007_3325222

Condo in Stately Courtyard Building

0002  0008  0014

Lincoln Park Townhome

IMG_5781  IMG_5740  IMG_5737

Streeterville Luxury Condo

001-169904-512mcclurg_001_3268055  008-169904-512mcclurg_008_3268117  015-169904-512mcclurg_015_3268173

Streeterville Studio

0001  0006  0007

East Lake View Condo

IMG_6145  IMG_6136  IMG_6131

Jeweler’s Row Penthouse

IMG_8178  IMG_8149  IMG_8161

Wrigleyville Retreat

IMG_6235  IMG_6226  IMG_6201

South Loop Townhome

front  IMG_7176  IMG_7197

River North Loft

IMG_5934  IMG_5868  IMG_5877

Gold Coast Living

IMG_6676  IMG_6661 IMG_6663

East Lincoln Park Courtyard

0001  0003  0009

Loyola Single Family

IMG_9230  IMG_9214  IMG_9228

Lake View’s Graceland West

IMG_9476  IMG_9404  IMG_9418

Edgebrook Golf Course

002-168286-6435newgard1S_002_3220894  008-168286-6435newgard1S_008_3220906  014-168286-6435newgard1S_014_3220918

Rogers Park Vintage Condo

0001  0002  0009

Historical Oak Park Bungalow

167160-001  167160-008  167160-012

East Rogers Park Courtyard Building

IMG_1150  IMG_1135 (1)  IMG_1140

Sheridan Park Condo

167161-001  167161-006  167161-007

Edgewater Lake Front

002-174134-6113school_002_3391501  005-174134-6113school_005_3391504  035-174134-6113school_035_3391606

Classic Chicago Bungalow

Large, Streeterville Bedroom    Large, Streeterville 1 Bedroom   480McClurg505_018

Large Streeterville 1 Bedroom

1334 Greenleaf 1S_017    1334 Greenleaf 1S_002    1334 Greenleaf 1S_006

East Roger Park Rehabbed 2 Bedroom

550surf106-1  550surf106-7  550surf106-4

Lakeview Vintage 2 Bedroom


The John Hancock


Gold Coast Gem


Andersonville Timber Loft


Edgewater 2-Flat


West Loop Luxury Condo


Walton Street Condo, Steps from Michigan Ave


Steeterville Full Amenity Building


Loop Concrete Loft


Penthouse with Skylights


River North Concrete Loft


Spacious Streeterville Living


UIC Townhouse






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